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Pyrenean Mountain Dog
  Price : 1000
Location : London
Number :

Dogs 4 & Bitches 3

Available : 08 March 2015
Age of ad : 0 Days
All white puppies available! Only 4 left. 7 beautiful puppies were born on the 8th October, 3 girls and 4 boys. There are four completely white puppies as well, two boys and two girls. Both puppy parents have perfect elbow and hip scores (0:A) and have excellent temperament. All our breeding girls are certified and working therapy dogs working with young and disabled kids and older people. This means that you not only get healthy puppy with strong blood line, but also one with good mentality and loving personality. We always choose father for the puppies very carefully, check older generations, blood lines and behavior. Both the farther and mother are active show dogs. Shows are not just for the looks, but experts also check dogs bone structure, build (back in particular) and mentality. Puppies will be ready for new homes in early February and will come with all required vaccinations, passport and export pedigree. Please call any time, we go to bed very late. Many thanks for reading about us, Daina   More>>

Pyrenean Mountain Dog & Leonberger cross
  Price : 695
Location : Lincolnshire
Number :

Dogs 4 & Bitches 5

Available : 30 December 2014
Age of ad : 1 Days
Here is a rare opportunity to secure a (50/50 hybrid) Great Pyrenean cross Leonberger puppy from a litter born on the 20/10/2014. Each parent is a 100% purebred in their own right. Mum is a Great Pyrenean and dad is a Leonberger. Both parents came from good UK breeders. They our pets, and viewable along with their puppies. We have a collection of videos of them playing with their previous litter - available to view on our YouTube channel. Both parents are in superb health and have very well balanced temperaments and posses all of the desirable traits from both breeds. Dad weighs 185lb and mum weighs 150lb. Dad is 20 months old and mum is approaching 3 years. The gorgeous pups from their last litter were found suitable homes quickly - see main photo and picture of one of their boys standing near to mum and dad (he was 4 and a half months old when that photo was taken - he is now nearly 8 months and viewable too because he is now part of our family). As with this parents previous litter, these pups will be wormed to date, Advantix treated, fully vaccinated and vet checked twice, in readiness to leave at 10 weeks old - (around the 3rd of January 2015). It should be noted that these puppies will be (F1 generation offspring) - meaning, that they will have elevated (Heterosis) - hybrid vigour - also known as outbreeding enhancement resulting in improved/increased function of biological qualities in the hybrid offspring. The adjective of (Heterosis is Heterotic) - offspring exhibiting Heterosis are enhanced as a result of mixing a much wider pool of genetic material from breed-dissimilar parents. Right now, we are in the process of taking names of people interested in viewing these puppies when they have reached 5 weeks old. (To get these puppies off to the best start in life, we reserve the right to post-evaluate the suitability and circumstances of each enquirer before absolutely guaranteeing, a viewing slot). If after viewing, you decide to own one of these puppies, we will ask for a deposit of 195 for which a receipt will be given. Regular weekly video updates of the puppies developing will then be emailed to you right up till the time you due collect your puppy. Naturally, you are welcome to visit your chosen puppy after week 5 and between week 10 should you want to start the bonding process a little sooner! GOOD TO KNOW: (Leonberger's are large, majestic, muscular dogs that exhibit brave, intelligent, loyal and affectionate natures. They have a sweet expression, are loving, steadfast, calm, and they love everyone. Their intelligence is remarkable, and their love for their family unparalleled. A well balanced Leonberger is a highly trustworthy K9 with endless patience, even with the most obnoxious of children. If a situation becomes too intense for the Leonberger, he or she, will simply walk away rather than show any aggression. Great Pyreneans are large, strong, capable, imposing dogs devoted to their family. They can be wary of strangers both K9 and human. Pyreneans are calm, well mannered but often sport an aloof/serious expression on their face. Pyreneans are gentle around the family and children. They can be wilful, and independently minded, making training sessions more challenging) Thank you.   More>>

Pyrenean Mountain Dog
  Price : 1000
Location : Shropshire
Number :

Dogs 3 & Bitches 5

Available : Now
Age of ad : 8 Days
Pyrenean Mountain Dog puppies excellent pedigree all white excellent temperament   More>>

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