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Old English Sheepdog
  Price : 1200
Location : Worcestershire
Number :


Available : 13 June 2016
Age of ad : 3 Days
Though these puppies are sold i have another litter soon ,that i am looking after for my X partner , you can also look at my closed group on Facebook called RUFFLEUPS , where you will find all my news .. All my dogs are HEALTH CHECKED HIP SCORED ,EYE TESTED AND PCD CLEAR ..Always make sure when buying a puppy that SIRE and DAM HAVE THEIR HEALTH TESTS AND ARE KC REGISTERED.. The reason why mine seem more expensive is that I have gone through the expense ,and its an important thing to do to make sure my dogs are sound , we can not guarantee everything in life but ,to do the best we can , if we do our best you get better results .. Just gone back to Royal cannin ,as the food i was using had changed ingredient and gone to smaller bags . I am feeding my stud dog on Royal Cannin his pet name is (Herbie ) Regal Bliss Prince Casper BVA hip scored 10 ,eye tested clear and PCD clear , Also my brood bitch has been put on to Royal Cannin HT42D After which at 42 days she will be put on to Maxi Starter because of the different nutritional needs of the bitch and the puppies , all this is explained on the Royal Cannin Web site ,What you will see is all the development from early stages of pregnancy to birth . I ask people to view puppies at around 3 weeks old.At that point once everyone is happy with their puppy a deposit will be required .I advertise early to give those that normally would not be able to afford their dream of owning an Old English time to save , My DOGS are ,PEDIGREE And are all registered with the Kennel Club . BVA HIP scores ,More resent hip scores Regalbliss Prince Casper 10 , Ruffleups Labyrinth 10, jeddep calamity jane 6 , Ruffleups Blaze Bailey's HIPS are 8 ,And Ruffleups DragonHeart 9 , RUFFLEUPS EXCALIBUR 4 Very good ..Proud of my dogs .. Bitches hip scores ,Eye tested clear .. All my dogs are PCD clear , all my dogs papers and tests that i have can be inspected when you come and view the puppies . My puppies are kept within my home and are brought up around , other dogs and cats , They are well associated with most thing of life including children , all puppies are vet checked have first vaccination which is nobivac before leaving, they are wormed and flea treated up to date . Each puppy comes with its own folder which will contain photo's through the weeks while they are with us . I include KC Registration papers a five generation certificate , all information you will need for your new puppy with 4 weeks FREE insurance with PETPLAN . And a blanket with the scent of the siblings to help them through first days , in new home. You will be given a puppy pack from Royal Cannin which contains a very useful guide to tell you all about your puppy and what you will need and it goes through different stages of their life ,You will get all information you should need where to get your flea treatments and wormers much cheaper than the vets , And they do have a vet for advise on the end of the phone. I am here if need be twenty four hours a day if you need any advise , They are still,part of my life even after leaving my home , the back up is always here ..And if it should ever happen , through all circumstances of life , relationship break down , having to move to rented accommodation,no matter what , i am here ,Where there is a will there is a way ..!! I have been breeding Old English Sheepdogs for twenty four years , I do not have any more than four litters off any individual bitch , and there is at least twelve months between a litter . My lines are SOUTHVIEW , DALEWOOD , ZOTTEL'S , OAKFARM , Infact my Old boy has still got FERNVILLE LORD DIGBY in his pedigree three times (The Growing Dog ). There are many of the kennel's from by gone years .. Myself i like the Old type of Old English which i feel we are sadly loosing , but i try to stay to the names that i know through the years of showing . I returned back to the show ring in 2014 ,lightly showing my dogs ,but this year 2016 hoping to go all over the country ,as I used to enjoy showing ,it seems better now there are less faces , As it seemed to go more on face than the quality of dog ..!! The DOCKING for many has ended , the interest to breed , As they say , Old English will never be the same .. That i will say is very true and though i have to say , They should be as what they are known THE BOBTAILS.. But for me i love the breed , and it is everything about them that i love , The tail, is something i can live with for i would grieve without them , they have been good to me , when i am alone they protect me , And when i have needed company and friendship they have been the only ones there for me .. I LOVE MY DOGS ,and all my animals it is my way of life . The time you put into an Old English you get far more back , A dog is only what you make it , they are soul mates to me and very much a big part of my life . If you are interested in having a puppy Please contact the details on the the site ,.. THANK YOU..!! PS .Only got this other add on because you can see more pictures ..Of my other dogs past and present ...   More>>

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